Our Courses


Please note: this page is under-constuction - please contact Andy for more information - 0430 041 221


Shirewood Forest Archers is available most Sundays to host Come-N-Try and Beginner Courses.

There are times where the field is not available to the club, and the club will try its best to update the Club Calendar and the Shirewood Forest Archers Facebook page with these unavailabilities.

~~~~ Come-N-Try ~~~~

1 Session of 1.5 hour



~~~~ Beginner Courses ~~~~

3 Sessions of 1.5 hours

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:


~~~~ Becoming a Member ~~~~



~~~~ Mandatory Requirements ~~~~

- All attendees must be present during a Safety Talk at least once.

- Must wear closed-in shoes.

- In the hotter months, must bring a hat and a drink.

- Suitable clothing is required - no short tops and no short shorts - this is for your safety.

- Baggy or loose clothing can cause issues - please be midful of this whilst shooting.

- Following the instructions of the Instructors at all times.

- No running...

- No dry-firing of any bows.

- No interferring with others whilst shooting - including sibling/family arguments.

- Meet at the club house first, before proceeding to the field - unless previously organised with an instructor.


~~~~ Please Note ~~~~

- Shirewood Forest Archers shares the field with a number of other groups and there are times where the field will be unavailable for archery.

- At the moment we do not have the option for people to try a Compound Bow (but if you have one then we may allow you to use it during the course - please check with us first).


For more information then please come us via the contact information on the lower righthand site of this webage, just above the Club Shoot information.

Thank you.