Membership and Fees

~~ Joining the club ~~

To join the club, one has to transfer from a registered archery club or to show evidence of having completed a recognised archery beginners course.

To join as a new member with Shirewood Forest Archers - please email your request-to-join to

   - please include your previous experience in archery, like:

  • Where and when you have just completed a Beginners Course, or if
  • You were a member of another club - we will need to know where and for how long

If you complete and pay for your membership without the approval of the committee, your payment will be refunded (minus an administration fee of $20.00) and your membership will be cancelled. Please follow the procedure listed above.


SWFA also offers Come-N Try sessions and Beginner's courses which are conducted by experienced archers. For more info, contact us on, or by reviewing the information on the Home page of our web site.


~~ Renewing Membership ~~

To renew as an existing member online (you will need your username and password - contact if you require these details), Renew Membership.

~~ Membership ~~

The membership types are:

  • Full member - entitled to be a club officer, vote and can represent the club in registered tournaments

  • Associate member - currently a full member of another registered club; entitled to use the club facilities like a full member without the entitlements

The club caters to for both abled and disabled bodied people of all ages and gender, as well as catering for almost all bow types. 

Minimum age is 10 years old.

We do not subscribe to poaching members from other clubs, but we welcome other club members to avail of our facilities either on a visitor basis or as an associate member.

~~ Fees ~~

The club subscription fees are comparable to those of other clubs. 

  • Full member

    • individual adult: $263.10

    • individual child: $159.58  (under 18)

    • family (1 adult + 1 minor) :  $297.39

    • family (1 adult + 2 minors): $427.01

    • family (1 adult + 3 minors): $380.03

    • family (2 adults + 1 minor): $484.43

    • family (2 adults + 2 minor): $531.41

    • family (2 adults): $473.99


  • Associate member

    • individual adult: $104.40 - must be a full member at another Archery NSW Club

    • individual child:  $77.26 - must be a full member at another Archery NSW Club

    • non-shooting:    $60.97


  • Sorry - there are no Casual memberships or Pensioner discounts.

  • Please note: paying online with a Credit Card will incur a small surcharge.