Shooting Range

The outdoor shooting range is the lower Athletics Track at Ridge Sports Complex. It is 50 x 100 metres. It is bound on 3 sides by bushland. One side is lawned and sloping upwards, ideal for spectator location. It is level and fully fenced. 

Shooting direction is south. It has a maximum capacity of 15 x 3-metre lanes or a total of 45 archers. Shooting distance of 90 metres if possible.

Availability is 24/6. It is not available on Saturdays because it is when Illawarra Athletics use it. Club shoots are planned for Sundays, followed by Come N Try sessions and Beginner's courses. During the week, it is available for practice. Come N Try sessions and Beginner's courses will eventually be offered during the week, which is ideal for schools.

SWFA also has an indoor range, which is located at the Auburn Shooting Academy in Auburn. It is a FITA-compliant range, complete with target facing cameras and monitors. It holds QRE's on the second Wednesday of the month. It also holds a best 4 scores over 13 weeks tournament as lead up to the annual National Indoor Championships in July. It is open Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 9pm. For more info, go to